Emissions Measurement Test

Test Drive Comparison with 2016 Toyota RAV4 Shows Zero Harmful Emissions

Zero Harmful Emissions and Better Fuel Consumption


A recent test drive compared two 2016 Toyota RAV4's with the exact same mileage traveling a total distance of 279 miles. The cars were exactly the same year, make and model – even the same color. The only difference was one car had a Denso Iridium spark plug and the other car was using the LPC Inelligent Spark Plug.

The results were amazing. The LPC Intelligent Spark Plug outperformed the Denso Iridium spark plug showing a 9.2% fuel consumption improvement requiring only 9.673 gallons to refill the tank compared to Denso needing 10.562 to refill. Upon completion of the trip both cars completed a smog check – with test results showing the LPC Intelligent Spark Plug had zero emissions.

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Trip Reciepts

Fuel Efficiency

Less gas required for Intelligent Spark Plug.


The Test

The Test

Emissions test for identical cars driving identical distance.

Better Emissions

Better Emissions

Intelligent Spark had zero harmful emissions.